This is a story about simplicity, purity, comfort, femininity, inlelligence and many other honest mood swings. A story dedicated to all modern hippies, and a tribute to women…

The design philosophy of the label is focused on combining urban traditions and contemporary lifestyle.

Friction Code wear have a minimal modern feeling, inciting fun and joy capturing that simple moment of having some time off.

Led by the vibrance of colours, by the magic energy of shapes and inspired by music, the fashion label creates limited casual pieces meant to be loved and worn daily.




Designer: Lyubomira Naydenova  www.lnmode.com
Photographer : Eleonora Kostadinova and Katerina Pencheva  www.kare-studio.com  / www.kocebosse.com
Models: Leti Apostolova, Petya Leo Naftali, Martina Panteleeva, Katerina Pencheva, Raya Radichkova, Doroteya Toleva, Alex Momchilova, Silvia Petkova and Yana Titova

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