Amy Winehouse-inspiration and style

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From Vogue Paris to Chanel runways, Amy’s bouffant and winged eyeliner have made her an inspiration to many designers, editors, and stylists.       The new Fred Perry x Amy Winehouse collection      Apart from his singing, Winehouse received media attention for her style of dressing and her lifestyle. She is known for her unique … Continue reading



  SAVE THE NATURE    Години наред хората се опитват да живеят в равновесие с природата ,използвайки най-различни приоми в зависимост от техните разбирания за света и различни културни и етнически особености. В средата на миналия век идеята-  хората отново да жиевеят в хармония, да овладеят капризите на времето и да почувстват земята и природата , … Continue reading

Selah Sue ♥


 Sanne Putseys was born in Leuven, but originates from the nearby Belgian town Leefdaal.   Her first album is ambitious. It is a smart melting pot between electric rock, organic hip‐hop and soul‐funk.   My influences of soul are certainly Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu, some ragga artists like Damian Marley, some hiphop, electronic music.        At the … Continue reading

The DuP PuB presents Friction Code



In An Absolut World (1)

         by Galliano    by  C’N’C Costume National     by Swedish fashion illustrator and artist Liselotte Watkins       

Rei Cawakubo ♥

rei 2


R.I.P Steve Jobs


“Да помня, че скоро ще умра, е едно от нещата, които най-много са ми помагали да взимам големите решения в живота си. Да помниш, че ще умреш, е най-добрият начин да се избегне капанът на мисленето, че имаш нещо да губиш. Вече си гол. Няма причина да не следваш сърцето си.” Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Джо Конзо (Joe Conzo)


Джо Конзо (Joe Conzo), познат като “човекът, който документира детстовото на хип-хопа“. The HUB…3rd Ave and 156 st. 1980   Dj Tony Tone and Dj Kool Herc at The T-Connection 1979   The Imfamous “Gangsta” photo of The Cold Crush Brothers at Harlem World   Loose Bruce at Negrils notice a young Crazy Legs from … Continue reading

Morcheeba – Blood like Lemonade ♥

cover     Morcheeba are a British band that mixes influences fromrock, trip hop, rhythm and blues and pop. The word “morcheeba” means “the way of marijuana” (“MOR” – the middle of the road & “Cheeba” – informal name for cannabis).   Formed in 1995, they consisted of Paul Godfrey (dj), Ross Godfrey on guitar and keyboards with Skye Edwards as the primary vocalist fronting … Continue reading

Grace Jones-Queen of the Gay Discos


   Grace Jones was one of the more unforgettable characters to emerge from New York City’s hedonistic Studio 54 disco scene during the late ’70s. Born May 19, 1952, in Kingston, Jamaica, Jones studied theater at Syracuse University before launching a career as a model. Jones’ statuesque and flamboyant look proved to be a hit … Continue reading

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