The 1980’s are well recognized for big hair and tight pants, thanks to American Hairband groupies such as Poison, Motley Crue, and Guns N’ Roses. Together, all three bands introduced a new sound and image to the world of rock n’ roll music, which music enthusiasts fell head over heels for.With their unique style of clothing, fans followed in their paths causing fashion to drastically change.


 photographer Robert John-1986

By these bands emphasizing their wild and crazy life styles through their songs, music listeners learned what self-expression really meant. A person in the 80’s who was searching for ways to express his or her own individuality and creativity had to look no further.


           Loving the leopard-print vest, Axl! 



I’m so into the Mickey tee here. 



                        Guns N’ Roses was formed in March 1985 by singer Axl Rose



Аfter only a short time joined by  Duff McKagan and Slash.



                    we all  loved him…


                                              now it really is missing…

                                         Vanessa Diskin – inspired by Axl



                       The new “Guns N’ Roses”




fashion icon…?   

                  New Studio Professional Photos of Axl Rose in Uomo Vogue December 2006. 




   after so many years…






                It was Axl who wanted Slash to leave…



    It` s  better to remember them  thus…




  and however will be there- Vasil Levski National Stadium 8.07.2012